About Leisa Lodden, REALTOR®

Rehabbing homes for first-time, low-income home buyers opened Leisa Lodden’s eyes to the fresh start a new home can provide to families. 

As a previous business owner and manager, she uses her entrepreneurial skills and her passion for real estate to help her clients find their perfect home. Genuine, honest and trustworthy, Leisa is customer-focused and strives to be their voice every step of the way. Her business and market knowledge, combined with her fun-loving nature, make her ideal to work with. 

Leisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, hosting get-togethers at her house, swimming, boating, fishing and spending time at her family’s cottage. She’s active in her church and enjoys leading children’s music programs, teaching Bible school and participating on the praise team. She also regularly donates her time and resources to the Children’s Miracle Network.